We at XPO Heating and Cooling believe that every customer should be treated with respect and be clearly informed about what work needs to be done and why.  We do not believe in doing work that is unnecessary nor do we believe in over charging customers for work that does need to be done, compare and you will see that XPO Heating and Cooling's prices and services will not be beat!  

     We are located in Richmond Hill, and service customers all over the G.T.A.  No heat issues? If your furnace is not working?  We will be there for you!  If your furnace stops working in the middle of the night and it's -20 degrees outside, you wouldn't want just anyone to come to repair your furnace?  Call us! and one of our dedicated technicians will be there to take care of your needs.  It will put your mind at ease knowing that it was done right!  From service calls for no heat, no a/c, no hot water or for your fire place and more, to complete installations of any of these appliances, or any maintenance requirements for them, XPO Heating and Cooling is who you need to call.  



​     We clean and or tune up Furnaces, Water Heaters (Tanked or Tank-less), HRV's, Condensation Pumps, Fire Places, Humidifiers and more.  

Best Prices!


​     We can install any HVAC appliance that you could need.  Furnaces, HRV's, Water Heaters (Tanked or Tank-less) , Condensation Pumps, Ductless Mini-splits, Humidifiers and more.   

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Taking care of your family's HVAC needs.

24/7 Service Calls

​     We are available for all of your emergency needs 24 hrs a day seven days a week.  No heat? No hot water? No problem! Our professional team of technicians are ready to help you!   

Anytime! Anywhere!

     We are a new company, we are a family owned and operated company servicing the G.T.A. since 2014.  We are a small company which allows us to establish a more personal relationship with our customers,  to us you are not just another job!  We at XPO Heating and Cooling appreciate all of our customers.  Small jobs to big jobs, to us they are all equally important. 

     Here at XPO Heating and Cooling we follow all required safety guidelines and code requirements as mandated by the T.S.S.A., Ontario Building Code and the C.S.A.  By doing so we guarantee the safety of our employees, as well as that of your family, and the quality of work preformed by our technicians for you.